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"What if..." FAQs

No matter how hard we try, we know that not every event will develop without any hiccups.  Here are some frequently asked questions that we have received from Brand Ambassadors in the past or think would be good for you to know, just in case.  If you are in or anticipate a situation that is not discussed below, contact your Event Manager directly.  All stated procedures are subject to change at any time and may vary based on the individual circumstance.


1.    What if I would like to open another bottle of alcohol for sampling?

 ALWAYS call your Event Manager to make sure it is okay to open another bottle.  If you are very busy, remember to pour ½ or even ¼ shots to make product last.  Judge the crowd accordingly.


2.    What if I show up for my event and the store doesn’t have enough product and/or the required      TABC bottle letter (if applicable)?

If you did not call to verify the event information with the store/venue manager a few days prior to the event, you will NOT be paid in full.  It is your responsibility to make sure everything is all set to go before arriving on-site.

If you did check in with the store/venue manager, got the all-clear and still arrived on-site to find a lack of product or TABC bottle letter, it is not your fault and you will be paid in full.


3.    What if I show up on-site and the store doesn’t want or cancels my event/promotion?

If the store decided to cancel the event, they will be billed and you will still be paid in full for the event.  If the client cancels and you are not notified prior to arriving on-site, you will receive partial payment for the event.


4.    What if I show up for my on-premise event and there are other, non-BARetc. Brand Ambassadors there?

If the competing promotional team will be leaving within 30 minutes, wait it out and begin the BARetc. event once the competitors have left the venue.  No on-premise promotions should occur at the same time as a competing brand’s promotion(s).  If you must wait and begin later, you will still be expected to stay the full duration (min. 2 hours) of the event or you will not be paid.  If the competing promotion will be going on for longer than 30 minutes, speak with the account manager to reschedule your event.  Do not leave the account without a solid date planned for the reschedule.  Call your Event Manager immediately to let her know about the situation and schedule change.  For events not completed, you will be paid ½.


5.    What if the forecast shows inclement weather before my event?

We would never intentionally put our Brand Ambassadors in harm’s way.  Always stay tuned until the day-of to find out whether or not your event will proceed as planned.  You will be notified if your event is cancelled and will not be paid for that unworked event.  If your event is not cancelled, but you still do not feel comfortable commuting in those weather conditions, you must notify us as soon as possible.  Cancellation fees may still apply. 


6.    What if the power goes out while I’m working an event?

Stay at or hang around the location, even if the store/bar manager tells you to go home.  The power could return shortly and you will be paid regardless.


7.    What if my ComData expense card isn’t working?

Call your Event Manager to make sure the card has been activated and the correct spending allowance has been set.  If there is a larger problem with the ComData system and activation isn’t the issue, you may receive Liesl Gibb’s corporate card information for manual entry at retail locations only.  You may also be given other payment information to use for purchases instead.

If none of the above solutions remedies the problem (i.e. the venue doesn’t accept manual card entry), please pay out-of-pocket and BARetc. will promptly reimburse you.


8.    What if I don’t get any tips?

You should not expect tips at any event that you work.  Although you are more than welcome to collect tips for your services, they are not required and you should not go into any event expecting tips.


9.    What if I can’t tell if someone is over 30 years old?

If you can’t be certain that the man or woman in question is above 30 years old, promptly check his/her ID.  When in doubt, ALWAYS card.


10.    What if I experience inappropriate behavior by consumers at an event?

Remain calm and promptly tell the bar/venue manager that a particular patron has been inappropriate.  Request that the manager inform him/her that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  If the issue is not easily resolved, call your Event Manager immediately for further instructions.


11.    What if I receive a uniform or kit for an event?

Unless we are running low (in which case, your Event Manager will instruct you on when/how to return your uniform or kit), you will keep these materials for use in future events.  Please take care of these materials to maintain quality function/appearance.


12.    What if the bar/venue manager is mean to me?

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get along with each and every personality you encounter.  Please remain professional, apologize (even if you haven’t done anything wrong) and suck it up for the couple of hours that you will be interacting with this individual.  If he/she was especially unkind or obnoxious, notify your Event Manager to speak with him/her directly.


13.    What if I run out of product at an on-premise event before the event end time?

If you do run out of product before the event end time, stay to chat with consumers about the product(s) and suggest that they buy some for their next drink.  Unless otherwise instructed, you may leave after the 2-hour minimum time has been met. 

To avoid this problem, follow the guidelines below:

If the venue is really busy, ask the bartender to pour half-shots and make sure to spend ample time chatting with consumers, taking pictures or passing out P.O.S.  (Always keep an eye on the time.)  Use your bar tab in smaller increments to extend time and conserve money throughout the evening.  For instance, only purchase $15-20 worth of alcohol at a time.  DO NOT use the entire bar tab at once and run out long before the 2-hour on-premise minimum.

If the venue is empty/slow, always remain standing and engaged – do not eat, drink, sit or lounge while working or waiting for more consumers.  Save product for new consumers that may arrive later on (do not give more than 2 rounds of alcohol to the same people).  If you will be providing a second round of drinks to the same consumers, make sure it is of a different variety/flavor than the first drinks you offered them.