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If a BARetc. brand ambassador pays out-of-pocket for any work-related purchase (rather than using her/his assigned BARetc. ComData expense card or corporate American Express card), BARetc. event managers do NOT reserve the obligation, nor the authority to reimburse said brand ambassador out of their own pockets.  Per BARetc. policy, payment can only be reimbursed once the following procedures have taken place. 


The brand ambassador must note – and her/his event manager must confirm – any out-of-pocket, work-related expenses in the event recap on Reporting Portal.  As always, event recaps must be completed within 24 hours of the event.  Since recaps act as BARetc.’s proof of time worked, failure to complete a recap will be interpreted as an “unworked” event and no payment/reimbursement will be provided.


Approved BARetc. reimbursements are paid via direct deposit and are processed in conjunction with the regular payment cycle (i.e. the 15th or final day of the following month).  In other words, the brand ambassador will receive an approved reimbursement at the same time he/she is paid for the event where reimbursement was requested.


BARetc. reserves the right to withhold payment until the above policies and procedures have been successfully enacted.

Click HERE to download a PDF of the BARetc. Reimbursement Policy.