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Click HERE to download a PDF of the Off-Premise Quick Guide!

DOs & DON’Ts

  • DO wear solid black (slacks/skirt with a fashionable top, business suit, professional little black dress, closed-toed flats, and/or heels are acceptable)
  • DO cover any visible tattoos
  • DO make sure your hair & makeup is “date ready”, regardless of attire
  • DO smile & stay positive/enthusiastic throughout the event
  • DO submit a completed recap on BARetc.Reporting Portal within 24 hours of your event
  • DON’T wear clothes that are too tight unless otherwise instructed by your Event Manager
  • DON’T use your cell phone (unless you are taking mandatory recap photos)
  • DON’T chew gum, eat, drink, sit or lounge at the event (always remain standing & alert, even if business is slow)
  • DON’T get ready at the account location or linger before/after your set work schedule
  • DON’T leave early or you will not be paid
  • DON’T take any breaks during the promotion unless a break has been pre-approved by your Event Manager
  • DON’T serve anyone under the age of 21 (When in doubt, always ask for ID!)



  • Call the account 2-3 days in advance to confirm event details (date, time, product availability, if they have a table you may use, etc. & ask if they can chill your sample bottle(s))
  • Review the questions you will be asked to answer/fill out for the recap
  • Read/review the educational resources on each product/brand you will be promoting
  • Make sure you have all materials or kits necessary for the event (cups, ice, etc.)



  • ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES EARLY (allow time for traffic, parking, etc.)!
  • Introduce yourself to the manager & ask to post the BARetc.Photography Consent & Release form in the front window/entrance of the account
  • Check and photograph the in-store case display (if promoting a Deutsch brand)
  • Begin the promotion ON TIME (setup is not included in your work hours and should be completed prior to go-time)
  • Set your table neatly and with plenty of product visible
  • Engage with every customer and be specific – remember at least 5 product selling points
  • Serve ½ or ¼ samples to make product last, if necessary
  • Engage with consumers about the product & target for P.O.S. materials
  • Take at least 5 clear photos of the drinks, crowded table & you interacting with consumers



  • Ask the account manager to visit to review your performance
    • Each positive review enters you to win a $50 Visa gift card – we select winners twice a month!
  • Submit a recap on BARetc. Reporting Portal WITHIN 24 HOURS!
    • If a recap is not submitted on time, you will be charged a $25 late fee as of 8 a.m. the following Monday
    • Don’t forget to include an uploaded photo of any receipts from the event
  • Let your Event Manager know about any problems or notable interactions from the event