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Whether you've worked with BARetc. for years or are just starting out, it's extremely important to keep your information up-to-date on Reporting Portal.  This helps us to ensure that you're paid on time, booked for the right events, contacted in case of emergencies or schedule changes, and can even help you win prizes (we need to know where to send your gift cards, after all!).


Simply log into Reporting Portal with your provided username and password, and click on the "Edit Profile" button located below your name on the home page.  You'll now be able to add photos, update your contact details, add skills, interests or languages, etc.  The more information that you provide, the better!  Our clients are always looking for well-rounded brand ambassadors to represent their products, so let them know why you're the best brand ambassador for the job!


You may check all of our upcoming/scheduled events by clicking on the "Events" section on the home page.  If you see that an event is scheduled, but not yet booked, you are more than welcome to contact your Event Manager to request that booking.  

Recaps in need of completion will also be shown in this section.  Remember:  Recaps must be filled out and submitted (with photos!) within 24 hours of the worked event.  A late recap fee may be charged otherwise.


Scheduled pay information is located under the "Events" section.  Items marked as "Scheduled" are missing full recaps.  Items marked as "Processing" means that filing for that event has been completed.

As always, feel free to contact your Event Manager for more information.